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Our Sunday Morning Celebration Service caters for the whole family with a special programme for the kids at the Sunday school. Our Church also attracts both the seniors, young adults and the teenagers who enjoy our dynamic programmes specially designed for the different age groups. We also run groups for men, women and home fellowships.

We believe as Christians we are to serve the community both locally and internationally. We affiliate our Church with social works through supporting a drug rehabilitation centre and a home for the special needs. We also participate in world missions, planting churches, building lives and training leaders.

In Good Tidings Assembly there are plenty of room for you to serve and take part in with your family. We welcome you to join us us and see what the Lord is doing in our Church!

Scripture for today...O Lord your Word is a lamp unto my feet

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pictures on Mission Sunday on the second Sunday, January 10th

We celebrated Mission Sunday and had a visiting speaker, Pastor Reuben Seevaratnam from Penang ministering the Word and challenging us towards giving and participating in Missions. The congregation took a pledge for 6 months.

Pastor Sean opened in prayer and introduced our speaker , Pastor Reuben Seevaratnam

Pastor Reuben Seevaratnam from Penang sharing God's Word

The attentive congregation

Members were challenged and prayed over by Pastor Sean to get involve in Missions

Sis. Stella responding to the prayer

The needs were presented and members were encouraged to pledge and give a commitment towards missions

Faith Pledge card

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